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 LRF= with rangefinder
Wide diameter of the pupil exit
Internal focusing objective lens
Coupling wire for attachment with a Rusan adapter to day vision binoculars
Unique and dynamic contrast system for optimal performance
Automatic brightness and contrast system, requiring no manual adjustment to environmental conditions
Automatic calibration system (no triggering) and therefore no "image freezing"
Simultaneous development system of small details without depending on the outside temperature
High refresh rate and blur removal
Different color palettes
Quick start (no more than 3 seconds)
Dead pixels removal system
Aspherical optics
High image quality across the entire field of view
Energy efficiency
Hermetically sealed with nitrogen
Compact and lightweight

Technical data
Sensor Resolution (CORE) 640X512 / 17um
Target, range F40 / 1.0
1X magnification
Field of view, degrees 9.3°-7.0°
Log Range (Object 0.5x1.8m), m 2000
Resolution, um 8-14
Frequency, Hz 50
Palette, types 9 + 1
Micro display, OLED 800x600 resolution
Exit pupil diameter, mm 30
Maximum impact load, G 600
Rechargeable battery, quantity, type 2 x NCR 18650B
5V external plug
Duration (at +20 °C), hours (without recording) at least 8 hours
Thermal range, °C -20… +50
Thermal range during video recording, °C -15…. +50
Storage capacity 8 Gb
Protection class IEC 60529 IPX6
Dimensions, mm 185x97x70
Weight, 0.680 kg

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